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この素晴らしい本物の北欧デザインに、ひとりでも多くの人にふれてほしい。その想いから、私たちアイ・ネクストジーイーは“北欧のウォッチ&ジュエリー”を中心とした優れたデザインプロダクトを通じ、日本に北欧ファッションを伝えて行く”という企業テーマを具現化した「NORDIC FEELING」を立ち上げました。
Feeling real Scandinavian culture! Simple and practical design without unnecessary decoration, "Scandinavian design" is often expressed as a word "Minimal", and it has been created with taking “practical usage” into consideration.

We believe that the “Scandinavian design” has not only an excellent function but also has a beautiful appearance and reasonably priced. In other words, "It is user friendly, excellent in design but affordable to anyone".

We felt that it is our mission to let many people to feel & experience this wonderful genuine Scandinavian design, and giving shape to thought we launched "NORDIC FEELING" that embodies the company theme of introducing Scandinavian fashion culture to Japan through an excellent design products mainly on the Scandinavian wristwatches and accessories.